1. KING WHIRL (Least, Last, & Lost)

In this old world where whirl is king

Look away bound away from the feather to the wing

For the least, the last, and the lost we sing

Turning the wine back to water

I drone on the summit, when the moon is high

Unarmed Forces, by my side

A scout on the mesa, with the calvary behind

Turning the wine back to water

Tell me when the horses of war will be

On Flower Mountain, loose and free

And we’ll close the big banks of misery

Turning the wine back to water

There’s golden handcuffs, on your mind there kid

And a black snake crawling through the water-shed

And star spangled nails on your coffin lid

Turning the wine back to water

So tonight I smell the smoke, from an un-lit fire

Black Elk he listens to the lonely choir

St Francis and the wolf, in their funeral attire

Turning the wine back to water


Oh my, snowblind winter’s here again

Is that so, torn coats, beggars in the wind

Dharma bums, wine and rum, north-bound underpass

Someone might, remind this night, that nothing’s built to last…

New moon up over King’s Hill…

Still and still moving, still

I’ve tried, to live kind, spend my love on you…

Worried spirit, worried mind, strum the worried blues

Didn’t know, couldn’t know, how deep to dig the well

Hearts learn, or do not learn, to ring out like a bell…

In the valley of the shadow’s chill…

Still and still moving, still….

So good bye… to high crimes, the race the game the lie

Don’t know, can’t know, what happens when we die

But when we live, what we give, like thunder in the sky

Linger’s long, never gone, an old-world lullaby…

The cup that’s never empty filled…
Still and still moving, still...


Death did I say, well I meant uncoiled…

There is no death just a change of worlds…

I’m writing you this letter, cause the end is not the end…

All fragile where the season’s turn…

The captive mind just burns and burns…

I wanna be there when your ashes, find a new home in the sky…

Well you light my way, make straight my path

All the way to heaven is heaven at last

And the first and final word is love

As below, so above

When the frequencies are set to lies…

The apocalypse will be televised…

I’m whispering this love song, called be thou not afraid…

I’ll think of you when the wood-smoke curls…

On your long journey to the spirit world…

With this farewell poem in the heart… of sailor’s where they sleep…

Well you light my way, make straight my path

All the way to heaven to heaven is at last…                                             

And the first and final word is love

As below it’s so above


In the false dawn of the morning, in the moon of popping trees

I cut across the south field with the stalks cut to my knees

I’ll just use the rain for my rain coat in the mist

While i’m looking for the heart…. Wherever it exists…

looking for the heart, wherever it exists

A cardboard sign by the interstate, “hopeless” spelled in black

She dressed her dreams up for a train but failed to bring them back

Everyone wants heaven now but no one wants to die

When you’re looking for the heart…. wherever you can find

I was waiting on your message, I was waiting on your call

I was waiting on someone, who could be my all in all

We were waiting for the miracle of not asking for too much

And we were looking for the heart, something we could touch

I would have recognized your ghost shirt

But my eyes got in the way

It’s hard to teach this stone to talk dear

When it’s got so much to say

So time it grabs your throat and it throws you against the wall

In such slow motion you don’t notice at all

You wake up one sweet day thinking of everyone you miss

While you been looking for the heart… wherever it still is


Golden arrows in the sunlight… and the great lake a hungry ghost

And we wake if we wake at all to the rumors of violence coast to coast

I’m standing ‘neath the gallows… of 2017

And it occurs to the songbirds whose nests are in shambles to take heart in times like these…

Some call her earth mother, some call her my girl

The Night-Flying Woman who always knows

My sister my daughter, the lady of the water

Grandmother moon to the fox and the crow….  

But her name was Everywind…. oh her name was Everywind…

Seek the woods, protect the water…. the chop and carry days are through

The hearts of the women have survived the manslaughter madness they’ve suffered through…

New songs to sing their praises… new shelters from old storms…

I believe in the strength of the softness that bears away burdens of new worlds being born…

Some call her earth mother, some call her my girl

The Night Flying Woman who always knows

My sister my daughter, the lady of the water

Grandmother Moon to the owl and the crow

But her name was Everywind… oh her name was Everywind…

Her name was Everywind, born on the trader’s road

In nineteen and seven in unknown snows

The islands of the Ojibwe, water wave and stone

Her story was carved in the birchbark scrolls..

6. THE LOST 40 (Some Dark Hollow)

In the Lost 40 where they mis-drew the maps

In the old growth forest that fell through the cracks

Between the rich man’s greed, and the white man’s axe


When it’s nine to the graveyard but eight coming back

And peace like a river jumps its tracks

And takes the last nickel from your nation’s sack

Mercy and grace….  the haunted air is unlaced….

In some dark hollow………  I escape….

It takes a lifetime to build, and one day to destroy

Your elections bought by poster boys

Right sleight of hand, left hand decoy

Where’s the thicket of dreams, to shield us from harm

From the emperor’s fist and the law’s long arm

In the Mother’s nest where the raven’s swarm

Mercy, and grace…… the haunted air is unlaced….

In some dark hollow…………  I escape

Give me a moment of silence…… after a season of violence  (2X)

Give me a moment of silence… after a season


Well the dharma she rolls, over reeds where deep waters flow

East to west like a heron in the dark where nobody sees

It’s November again, a blue norther is coming in

And I abandon my post in the moonlight, so I can go

Starring the night…. Starring my dream state…

Over barbed-wire fences that never tell the whole tale

Oh hear our prayer…. Mend up the broken glare

And deliver us from darkness as we go….   We go starring the night

And God only knows… which seed dies and which grows

And which planets pull the tides in the hearts of man

I met a seer…. And Ojibwa with eyes so clear

He said original mind is neither sacred or profane…

On that long drive alone….  False dawn and the undertones

I remember the rock wall in the garden by the meadow on my grandparents farm

And i thought of my friends…. To the ends of the earth, to the ends!

And how many moons have passed since we used to go…

We’d go starring the night…. starring our best laid plans

And we burned the horoscopes that sent us apart

Oh hear our prayer…. Deliver us here from there…

In the heart of the moment where love commands the day, we go starring the night

And it’s poison control…. The politics of division grow

And the greater good is tossed out on its ear

And the future looks grim… our flagship in a tailspin

And we look for a savior but the savior hides within


And you come to me scared… and we shoot off emergency flares

Can our love take the beating the winds of change must give

And i say that it can… and i say that we must stand

Like a snowflake in the fire and get ready for to go…

We go starring the night…. Starring our best selves

And the frost in the window is starring as itself

Oh hear our prayer… sage burned and laid low

And deliver us from darkness as we go…. We go starring the night


I’m the next of kin to the wayward wind I’m goin…

I can’t sing this dance, or dance this song I’m gone…

Someplace where I won’t make the greedy richer…

On the rock and birchbark shores of Old Minong…

So gather everything you hold dear….  and practice giving it away…

There’s another world but it’s in this world….    Stranger Angels know the way

I’ve grown old in love, from seven til seven times seven

The scorched-earth campaign, you marched across my heart

Now i only live by silence, cunning, and exile

Cause you never know just where the fighting starts

Who built these playgrounds on our cemeteries?

Who stuffed these broken mirrors into our hands?

To whose voodoo economics are you in debt dear?

Who said it was the clothes that make the man?

So gather everything you hold dear…  and practice giving it away

There’s another world but it’s in this world…. Stranger Angels know the way…

Wild mustangs starve in the hills outside Las Vegas

And the West is burning like a Lake of Fire

When the desert comes to swallow up our prairies

You’ll wish you had not dared called god a liar…

There’s another spirit on the water… there’s another hollow square they say

There’s another world but it’s in this world… Stranger Angels lead the way

9. The Field & The Pearl

Four-score nightingales hear them sing

Calling your name on the whistle-black plains

It’s late in the evening in the early spring

And I’m scared once again…. of every dream…

There’s no such thing as safe and sound

Most of what we lose, it can never be found

Like a migrant camp at the edge of town

We’re just one false step… from every edge

Out in the field where you found the pearl

At the stillest point, of the turning world

For the love of night, please tell no lies to me

Everybody’s talking but it’s still unknown,

I’m underground trying to make heaven my home

For the love of night, please stay so close to me…..   so close to me…

There’s nothing you can sell me that I want more

Than to keep my vows to the old North Shore

What we’ve done to the Mother shakes me to the core            

Where the clocks don’t sleep…. it’s later than you think..

As below it’s so above….

Spring brings everything back ‘cept the one’s we love

Still the cosmos fits you like a glove

You can have everything……………… but not tonight and it won’t be here….

You my love are a wonder behold

The shadow brokers can’t break your flow

I wouldn’t mistreat you for my weight in gold…

And the dark is just another… thing the light can do…


I’ll be damned but that barn….  it needs a new coat of paint….

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m not saying you aint…

The brush-pile needs burning… but i guess it can wait…

You’d better get if you’re goin, cause it’s already late…

go on if you’re going stead of making me wait

I coulda swore it would rain… think i’ll go check the mail

And Frank’s been drinking again… i think he thinks he’ll make bail…

Well I told him the last time, he gave flowers store bought….

Sometimes you get love, and sometimes you get got

Sometimes you get love, and sometimes you get got…

My country’s showing it’s ass…. It gets worse every day

Now the rich eat the poor… and for the privilege they pay

They trampled the wounded, and they hurdle the lame

They march up and down bullshit, mountain all day

Oh it’s best not believe, even one word they say

I feel crazy again…. This time it’s not going away…

I keep thinkin of John… i wonder what he would say….

A lifetime of near misses… one continuous mistake…

Then at just the right time, you watch everything change

Not a minute too soon, you see everything change

You spend your days and your night-times

Not being what you’re not

Sometimes you get love, sometimes you get got

Sometimes you get love, and sometimes you get got

Sometimes you get love…


In the days of old in the days of gold, in the good old golden days                                                                      

I left from old Clay County with my head a forest blaze

How to say and who could know just how much was to lose…

In the darkness before morning and the false true lover blues

I started out to mending all the holes from sky to sky

But it takes a plan to make God laugh, a promise to make her cry

You can dry your vale of tears with the scar tissue you choose                     

Like a singing dust bowl with the false true lover blues

Just what was it you’re missing that you’re so sure you were owed

It’s quickly separated like a fool and his gold

The better angels of our natures have some breaking news

I’m afraid it doesn’t look good for the false true lover blues

Now the mourning dove is practicing her songbook all the day

If you want to practice being born than start without delay

Everything we think we know comes up just shy of truth

And you’re mumbling underneath your breath, the false true lover blues